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ETL Testing Training

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ETL Testing Training

ETL TESTING TRAINING: ETL stands for Extract Transformation and Load, It collect the different source data from Heterogeneous System (DB), …



    ETL stands for Extract Transformation and Load, It collect the different source data from Heterogeneous System (DB), Transform the data into Data warehouse (Target)

    ETL refers to Extracting, Transforming and Loading of Data from any outside system to the required place.ETL Testing training helps understanding the business structure and their particular requirement.

    At the Time of Transformation, Data are first transform to Staging Table (temporary table)

    Based on Business rules the data are mapped into target table, this process are manually mapped / we configure using ETL Testing training Tool

    ETL not transformed the Duplicate data

    Data Transformation process speed based on Source and Target Data ware House

    We need to consider the OLAP(Online Analytic Processing) Structure .Data warehouse Model

    Source data consist of (XML,Flat file ,Database.Excel Report.Dataware House

    We need to set the validation at time of data transformation like ‘Avoid the ‘NULL’ values in the table, validate the data type as using Tiny int instead of integer .etc

    ETL Testing training course will cover following topics:- Introduction to ETL testing and OLTP vs. OLAP, -Introduction to RDBMS & Database Testing Vs Data warehouse Testing, Data Warehouse Workflow & Case Study, Data Checks using SQL, Scope of BI testing.

    This course is designed for beginners to advance level professionals.


    Basic Knowledge of SQL

    Recommended Audience:

    Business Intelligence Professionals or ETL Developers
    Professionals aspire to become Business Object Professionals
    Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, SQL Developers

    The ETL Testing Methodology includes following steps:

    1. Understanding of data to be reported
    2. Understanding and review of data model
    3. Understanding2 and review of source  to target mappings (transformations)
    4. Data Quality Assessment of Source data
    5. Packages testing
    6. Schema testing (source and target)
    7. Verify Data completeness
    8. Verification of transformation rules
    9. Comparison of sample data between source and target
    10. Checking of referential integrities and relations (primary key foreign key)
    11. Data Quality checks on target warehouse
    12. Performance tests

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    At the end of the course there will be a quiz and project assignments once you complete them you will be awarded.

    Self Paced vs Instructor LED Online

    Key Features:

      We provide 24X7 support by email for issues or doubts clearance for Self-paced training. In online Instructor led training, trainer will be available to help you out with your queries regarding the course. If required, the support team can also provide you live support by accessing your machine remotely. This ensures that all your doubts and problems faced during labs and project work are clarified round the clock.


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